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Little Tricks and Tips To Improve Your SEO Ranking

From The Personal Website of David M Reeder

Once you've got an audit of the keywords you're targeting, have technically optimized every page on your site, and started creating content, there are just a few more small things you should keep in mind that will yield big results when it comes to search engine ranking.

1. Keep The Titles of All Your Articles Short, Informative, and Keyword Rich
And do this in under 65 characters if possible. Why? Because anything over 65 characters is going to get cut off when Google returns a page full of results on any search term. And if your content has a truncated title, users are less likely to click on it.

2. SEO Your Images
All your blog posts or articles should have pictures to accompany it. Why? Because content with an image is more likely to get shared across any of the social networks. Before you upload a photo you took of the world famous widgets you sell, make sure you rename the photo. Widgets.jpg will show up in a search, whereas Google is less likely to recognize IMG_43749.jpg as useful media.

Every image you use in a post should also contain a descriptive ALT tag. This is a readability issue as well as an SEO opportunity. Take advantage of alt tags to include applicable keywords.

3. Don't Overcompensate
When it comes to filling out META tags or including keyword descriptions in your IMG ALT tags, don't go crazy overboard. Search engines will penalize your site if it appears as though you're trying to game the system rather than provide actual useful information. Five to ten keywords is okay, but trying to stuff twenty or more is likely to get yourself flagged.

Remember, search engine optimization should always be done with your customers in mind, not the robots at Google. Creating really great, useful content, and being specific in how you describe and tag that content, is always the best practice for the layman's SEO, and thankfully, you don't have to be a marketing guru to accomplish that.