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The Value of Social Media

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The world today has changed a lot in the last century in every possible way. We have newer and much better ways of traveling, curing diseases, sending and receiving data, communicating, almost anything you could think of. The technology today has turned the world into a global village where everyone has all the access to any and all kind of information and communicating with each other is just as easy. But enough of the obvious. The thing to understand here is that technology today has also changed the way people are doing business now-a-days. The good old tips and tricks that worked great in the last decade are rendered useless now. It is the world of technology where one individual has access to thousands other located in any demographic, making marketing your brand a whole new challenge.

One of the greatest tool of marketing today is through social media. Social media allows us to share our experiences, our likes and dislikes, our preferences and most importantly our opinions with others. And by "others" I mean a huge cluster of people spread across the globe. When you think of it in marketing terms you would certainly realize how big and strong of a weapon it is to market your brand and get more customers and consumers than ever before.

"You can never go wrong by investing in communities and the human beings within them."

For businesses, social media proves to be very beneficial marketing tool. Marketers have used careful and strategic social marketing to spread the awareness of their brands over a much larger scale. By using social web sites like Facebook and Twitter, they have successfully increased their brand recognition and have actually motivated their loyal customers to talk about their firm with their friends and family, helping to send their message across and get more customers. Experts are calling Facebook the new phone book because of its dominance in our daily lives.

"Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell."
-Seth Godin

Social media also allowed businesses to stay in close contact with their local customers and try to find out just what their valuable customers have to say about the experience they had with them. Social media allows firms to not just boast about their high quality work, but to tell a story to their customers. A story about how they operate, how well they serve you, how their organization is the best. They can also build social groups with websites like meetup.com. This kind of attitude has allowed marketers to build a boundless relationship with their customers and has made sure that their customers will eventually help them be better in their field. Many marketers today are also using social media to stay close to their competitors. Keeping a close eye on their opponents and reacting accordingly to their moves and strategies allows marketers to always stay one step ahead in the game. Bottom line, with the power of social media in your hand, you won't need to advertise in newspaper or TV advertising.