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SEO Demystified For Business Owners

From The Personal Website of David M Reeder

Anyone trying to do business on the web has probably run up against the acronym SEO, which refers to Search Engine Optimization. Want SEO Demystified, just what exactly that means is hotly debated, since Google changes it's search algorithms with maddening frequency. There are a few basic steps that every business owner can easily do themselves to help improve search results and help potential customers find them on the web.

And it all starts with keyword research.

To begin, make sure you have Google Analytics setup for your website and then spend some time getting to know what keyword searches your content is already appearing in. For example, if you sell widgets, but no one is finding your site by searching "widgets" on Google, you know that's a keyword you need to spend some time targeting.

SEO gurus will offer a host of different products and reports for a website to use to target keywords, and you're certainly welcome to pay for this service. Really though, if you have a good understanding of your products and your customers, all you need to do is get into their minds and come up with a list of words and phrases that they might type into the Google search box if they were looking for what it is you offer. Be sure to take into consideration what keyword searches your competition is showing up in. Ideally you'll come up with a list of words and phrases that you can focus your SEO efforts on.

Armed with this knowledge, you can embark on a SEO campaign to create content to target these important search words and phrases and improve your site's ranking.